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The Concept of Social Media Marketing

Chandan Mukherji - Content writer

We are quite aware of the term ‘Marketing’ but what exactly pop up in your mind when you come across the term ‘Social Media Marketing’? This is nothing but a procedure of gaining website traffic or attention through social media like facebook, twitter, linked in and so on. To put it in a simple way, this is nothing but the efforts to create ideas that attract viewers to share those with other people. Let’s discuss the concept of social media marketing in detail.

This sort of marketing is becoming very popular day by day. As a matter of fact, you can have a look right now (in facebook or twitter) and you will find many organizations promoting their products or services. This is popular because this is one of easiest and cheapest way to convey your message to your target audience in such a competitive market.

But like everything, this also have advantages and disadvantages! In order to use this mode properly, organizations look up to their social media experts who have in-depth knowledge of this field.

If you are doing it correctly, Social Media Marketing can lead you to more customers, more traffic and as a result more conversions. The networks you will develop will act as a new channel for your brand’s voice as well as content. Not only it will become easier to reach new customers but at the same time it will also help you to make your brand more recognizable for your old customers.

Thus the level of loyalty will also improve. Most of the strong brands are always active on social media. And being active on social media will give you an extra edge on search engine. This makes your brand well known and trust worthy.

Undoubtedly this sort of marketing is fantastic but it also has its side effect. For instance, if you are planning to stay in touch with your customers through facebook page, twitter or blogs, you need a person who can make commitment and remain dedicated. Otherwise it can backfire! For example your customer looking in your page in November and there is no updates for last 3-4 weeks.

It is a great medium to spread awareness of your brand but it take time and dedication. It also depend from organization to organization that how much time and money they want to spend on social media marketing. But one thing is for sure that with time, this will going to increase its importance in digital world.

Posted by: Chandan Mukharjee

AAHAR 2016: International Food Fair ended with flavor of Success

Chandan Mukherji - Content writer

AAHAR 2016, the 31st edition of the International Food and Hospitality Fair was recently organized at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. The Mega event, which featured Indian Government’s well-known initiatives such as start-up India, Skill India, Make In India, held from 15th to 19th March. It was a massive success and attracted more than 800 exhibitors including foreign participants from 22 nations.

It is expected to have pave way for many opportunities of investments from worldwide investors. The 5-day fair attracted top businessmen, industrialists and organizations from the food processing and hospitality sector. Many positive efforts were made to take this event to a next level. New initiatives helped this event to emerge as a gateway to enter a much more developed sector.

New & Young Entrepreneurs from India were given booths at 50 per cent rebate. Keeping in mind the massive demand of applicants, the exhibition area was also increased. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that valuable event was largest of its kind in South Asia & spread over approximately 45,000 sqm. India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) was dedicated and kept their focus to bring more overseas delegations to the event. Delegations from countries like USA, UAE, Singapore, Germany and China came to witness the Global food event.

This was covered in two separate sections but under one roof. “Hospitality India” covered Hotel & Restaurant Equipment and Supplies while “Food India” included Foods, Processed Foods, Food Processing & Beverages. Indian hospitality industry is considered to have a great future as it attracts good part Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

According to an evaluation, the total of FDI inflow in this industry during the last couple of years was more than USD 6 Billion. On the other hand, India’s food market is the 6th largest in the world and has the potential to attract a whopping USD 33 billion investment in next decade. Needless to say, AAHAR 2016 and its success will further improve the chance of making India the next big thing in worldwide food industry.

Not only business visitors but general public also enjoyed the exhibition. As the event ended, more then 90 per cent exhibitors were satisfied and desired to repeat their participation. The Food fair ended but with a lot of positive vibes, fresh ideas, new contacts, strong hope and a flavor of success!

Posted by: Chandan Mukharjee

The Reach of Internet Marketing

Chandan Mukherji - Content writer

Keeping in mind the importance of internet in our daily life, it wouldn't be unfair to say that the INTERNET MARKETING is the most successful mean of publicity at the moment. In one hand, the possibilities are countless while on other, your reach can cross any geographical boundary. That's the beauty of this medium.

This sort of marketing has emerged as the fastest growing advertising medium with an astonishing growth of more than 300% during 2000 to 2008. All types of organization, whether it is a huge empire, Medium size organization or a small firm, have recognized the power of Internet Marketing.

These companies have understood the technical aspect of internet and day by day, they are enhancing their creativity. The Internet has allowed various businesses to break through the geographical obstruction and have provided them the prospect to straightaway enter the world market.

Internet marketing is an ever-evolving procedure. Every organization, who have used this kind of marketing in past and believe in its benefits, must understand that there is no two plus two four always in this field. Strategies that were enormously successful three years back are of no use in the present day. The ideas we are using today will become outdated tomorrow. The concerned groups always need to be on their toes for the 'Next Big Thing'.

All private corporations are using this technique as by using it they can get results very quickly in compare to the traditional methods. Individuals can make quick changes and that too without spending a lot of money. New procedures are being introduced on daily basis and thus, all we can say that it will only grow from here!

Posted by: Chandan Mukharjee

Best Strategies to promote business over the Internet

Vipin Sharma - Content writer

Are you interested to advertise your business products over the internet or looking for ways to increase sales through several online promotion techniques? If so, there are a variety of latest and user friendly advertising tools, available on the interest. And they will not cost you much.

Suppose you have a business and want to increase your sales area but are not interested to spend much in setting up sales stores and spend on infra and sales staff, then you can take advantage of free and some of the low cost online promotion tools to promote your business online easily.

Now, shopping online products is highly in demand in India and all over the world. Some of the e-commerce websites that’s doing well business are: eBay,amazon, snap deal, flipchart,yatra and many more earning very well.

Here are some of the popular ways to promote your business online that won’t cost you much:

1. Set up your own website. You can either set up your own website or ask the website designing company to make website for you. when you design a website there are a number of things that you should keep in mind:

  • Website should be user friendly
  • Color combination should be eye-catching
  • Product catalogue should be clear and product should be nicely placed in product gallery
  • There should be online enquiry form for client communication and contact details
  • There should be some section for client review about product or product feedback.

Because before buying anything, customer wants complete details about product and existing customer feedback about products. So website is a nice platform to sale your product easily.

2. Use pay per click advertising.Online advertising has a large reach and one of the way to promote your website and advertise product online. Online customers use some of the keywords to access a particular product online. And the website containing those paid keywords comes first when typing those keyword on the search engine such as Google, yahoo etc. search engine set the price for keywords that the company have to pay when someone access their website by clicking on those paid keywords on search websites and one other techniques to access more customers through reference with affiliate marketing websites.

3. Use YouTube to promote your business.Perhaps one of the most popular and creative way to display more detailed information about your product and present the product demo so that customer could see product visually and analyze it and thereafter take decision to buy it. This is the best way to give product description and detailed information without going to client site to explain all this. This should include about the company profile, infrastructure, management, product details, customer feedback sales locations, contact detailsetc.

4. Participate in forums and blogs.This is one way to promote your product on some review websites or discussion website that are related to your business area. But be sure to post in forums that are website promotion friendly and if yes, then you write the post with your website URL and business details. Not all blog sites or forums allow promotion blog or forum posts and breaching this could see your business blocked.

It can be a great way to promote your business, especially if the reader read your review and like it and then there are more chances that reader visit your website and perhaps this visit could convert into sales so that it’s the best way to involve yourself in some business discussion forms and get some sales from there.

5. Use email marketing.You can create a list of customers, or customers that you think, are interested to know about new product release of your business. The best way to start this process, is to make a database and keep all the email address of customers to whom you send email regularly to aware them about your new product release, discount offers or any new offers schemes launching on some festival seasons. Not everyone, but some customers are always looking for some offers for shopping and this could be the way to have some sales lead.

Posted by: Vipin Sharma

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